4 Ways your Organisation Can Be Hacked

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Recorded: May 21, 2019

If a hacker was sneaking around your network right now, how would you know? In this webinar, Brian Johnson from 7 Minute Security reveals some of the security gaps that attackers use to breach organisations, based on his firsthand experience with clients. The coolest part of the session is when Brian demonstrates how you can catch attackers red-handed before they manage to take control of your systems. 
If you have already attended any of Brian’s sessions, you know that he always succeeds at making the presentation not only useful but also extremely amusing. This time, you’ll get to enjoy how he uncovers: 
• How attackers access a network using a foothold on a compromised machine 
• How they crack Wi-Fi using hacking tools such as Wifite 
• How hackers brute-force a local workstation’s admin account 
• How you can detect suspicious activity in its early stages to prevent a breach 
• And for dessert — how to be alerted about MouseJack attacks!

Hosted by
Kennet Johansen ,
Solutions Engineer
Brian Johnson,
Security enthusiast / Podcaster

How Attackers Exploit Office 365 Vulnerabilities

Office 365 has become the platform of choice for document collaboration and sharing. If you're using Office 365 or planning to migrate there, understanding the types of security attacks you can expect is imperative. Microsoft provides tools for testing your end users by simulating some of the most common attacks, so you can educate them as part of your broader defense strategy.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • Unconventional Office 365 attack techniques
  • How to test your end users
  • How to spot attacks in early stages so you can take steps to prevent a breach
  • How you can keep your executives mailboxes safe
1:00pm EDT
17 October, 1:00pm EDT
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