Continuous Auditing for Active Directory Security

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Active Directory is the most critical IT system in your IT infrastructure, controlling both user authentication and access to systems and applications. Microsoft and industry experts offer multiple best practices to help you ensure Active Directory security, but security can't be treated as a set-and-forget practice. Periodic Active Directory security audit checks are essential to ensuring your Active Directory is properly managed and protected.

For many organizations, these periodic reviews mean hours of tedious work parsing raw logs, scripting PowerShell queries, manually archiving logs for later access and so on. But there is a better way. A single, easily searchable audit trail coupled with alerting mechanisms delivers a far more convenient and accurate option for auditing critical Active Directory security events, such as changes to user accounts, security groups and GPO settings.

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory enables continuous Active Directory security auditing and provides control over all AD changes and configurations. With predefined Active Directory security reports and alerts on critical events, administrators can quickly roll back unwanted or unauthorized changes, and prove to auditors that Active Directory is configured properly and all required controls are in place. Plus, secure, two-tiered storage ensures easy access to the audit trail for years.