Group Policy Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Report and alert on Group Policy changes and generate state-in-time reports

Agentless and Agent-based Data Collection

Organizations that span multiple locations having limited data connectivity often struggle with security and stability issues. Because operations rely heavily on bandwidth, appropriate and efficient use of this limited resource forces organizations to sometimes compromise on the quality of service between locations.

These compromises can lead to security problems and compliance issues putting the organization at risk. The challenge is to provide a robust level of service and take appropriate security measures across all locations using a minimal amount of bandwidth without risking data integrity or systems stability.

Native Windows auditing lacks many important features that are critical to meeting compliance and other security requirements. Many well-known commercial auditing solutions frequently used in these situations gather GPO data through either an agent-less system or by locally-installed agents on domain controllers.

Network traffic compression option dialog window

The Netwrix Auditor offers both an agentless data collection and non-intrusive agent-based modes. The product uses a combination of techniques to collect data, including native event logs as well as native APIs, as opposed other vendors, relying solely on native APIs or requiring agent-based deployments.

In non-distributed IT environments, where all domain controllers are in the same location or data center, network traffic compression is not as important and therefore agents are not necessary. In these situations, audit data processing can be performed without installing any agents on domain controllers while retaining all the functionality for configuration auditing with Netwrix Auditor.

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