SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Agentless SQL Server Data Collection

The implementation of agents that intrude on core operating system functions can disrupt the host SQL Server. This can cause problems ranging from instability to unscheduled downtime. Avoiding the use of agents when collecting SQL audit data ensures overall system integrity.

SQL audit data can be extracted from more than one source on servers and does not require the use of agents. By gathering data from multiple sources without the use of agents ensures a high level of detail and quality without the risks. Netwrix Auditor collects SQL audit data from all available sources on SQL servers so as to provide accurate reports without omitting any changes that have taken place.

To effectively audit SQL Servers, an agentless collection method which captures all relevant SQL audit detail is required. Netwrix Auditor employs agentless data collection without risks to the host system or loss of SQL audit data. For these reasons, agentless SQL audit data collection using multiple sources is preferred.

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