Exchange Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Exchange Server Monitoring: See Who Changed What, When and Where

Auditors require specific details on MS Exchange change events that cannot be compiled with the ease and totality as that provided by Netwrix Auditor. See WHO changed WHAT, WHEN and WHERE details for all user and administrative changes throughout the MS Exchange environment.

Every logged change event also includes both the before and after values to paint the most complete picture of what happened. The completeness and assembly of this critical detail into usable report data is what is required by compliance auditors and management. This level of detail is next to impossible to effectively gather using native tools.

To deliver this extensive level of detail requires collecting information from multiple Exchange servers and Domain Controllers, sometimes across network locations. For example, when an administrator deletes a mailbox, multiple events are logged in multiple locations including Exchange servers and Domain Controllers housing Exchange information in Active Directory.

Exposure to security and compliance risk is significantly reduced when Who, What, When, and Where detail is collected, gathered and compiled, along with before and after information in detail reports on Exchange changes.

Without this information, event log and audit detail can be next to impossible to understand without extensive training, time and experience. Forensic analysis of Exchange changes is facilitated by Netwrix Exchange Server monitoring tool through automatic detailed collection and reporting.

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