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Meeting the unique challenges of supporting faculty, staff and students

IT staff servicing the Education industry have the most unique and diverse set of users to be responsible for. Faculty, staff and students can each be the source for forgotten passwords, lost productivity, malicious or accidental IT infrastructure changes – all of which can have negative consequences, resulting in security breaches, failed compliance audits, financial loss or interrupted educational processes.

All of our users, including those using Macs, are able to handle their passwords with no hassle, and now we don‘t even care how many incidents happen daily.

- Kraig Kluba, University of California, San Francisco

Dealing with identity management challenges, including forgotten or expired passwords, can be a tiresome and resource-consuming task without automated solutions.

Identity management automation brings convenience, enhanced security and cost savings.

For example, self-service password management hardens network security, eases implementation of strong password policies, and eliminates password-related help desk calls, yielding significant cost savings.

Effective tracking and ongoing review of changes in your IT infrastructure is equally important to ensure a secure, compliant and productive environment.

To prevent those negative consequences you need an efficient solution that will provide you with
automated auditing of all IT infrastructure changes, including changes made to:

  • Active Directory objects,
  • Group Policy settings,
  • File servers,
  • Configuration settings in an Exchange environment,
  • and more.

Netwrix offers simple, efficient and affordable solutions with special discounts for educational institutions:

  • Netwrix Password Manager — allows users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts through a convenient, web-based, self-service portal and integration with the standard Windows logon procedure. The freeware edition of the tool supports up to 100 users.
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  • Netwrix Auditor — an integrated solution that audits who made changes to critical IT systems, when, where, and what was changed anywhere in your IT infrastructure, generating easy-to-understand reports so that you know exactly what’s happening within your organization.
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