Auditing Solutions for Healthcare

Keeping your IT infrastructure healthy and compliant

Healthcare providers must protect patient information, keeping it secure and confidential, and maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Uncontrolled modification to critical systems such as Active Directory or SQL Server, may lead to security and compliance breaches, resulting in financial or reputation loss.

From an IT’s standpoint, transparency and accountability (auditability) of regulated systems and data can be achieved through the following core principles:

  • Continuous monitoring and auditing of critical changes to systems and data;
  • Identity Management and Access Control.

To meet your specific needs Netwrix offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions:

  • Netwrix Auditor – provides auditing of changes made to critical systems and date, who made them, when, where and what was changed anywhere in the IT infrastructure, generating easy-to-understand reports so that you know exactly what’s happening within your organization.
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Inexpensive and easy to configure was what we were looking for, and ultimately, that’s what made us choose Netwrix.
- Kirk Shankle, Network Administrator, MedSynergies
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