Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of IT infrastructure

Netwrix Auditing Platform

You can always have a complete and clear picture of what's going on in your environment and perform configuration auditing task easily and on a regular basis with Netwrix Auditor, powered by three major Netwrix technologies:

  • AuditAssurance™ - consolidates the audit data from multiple independent sources (event logs, configuration snapshots, change history records, etc.), and therefore is able to detect a change even if one or more of the sources does not contain all the required data.
  • AuditIntelligence™ - transforms raw audit data into meaningful and actionable intelligence to drive security and compliance efforts and delivers human-readable reports designed with administrators and auditors in mind to paint the most complete picture.
  • AuditArchive™ - provides long-term archiving, making your data available for historical reporting and forensics analysis.

The combination of these unique technologies forms Netwrix approach to auditing: SIEM 2.0 that makes it very easy to find relevant answers to key questions: who changed what, when and where, including previous and new values for modified settings.

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