File Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Cost Savings

Netwrix Auditor is a cost-effective, comprehensive and robust unified platform that addresses the widest range of auditing needs. Many organizations utilize multiple servers and hosts to store data and the need to audit them for compliance and security purposes is never-ending.

Further cost savings are realized by eliminating the need to gain in-depth knowledge of multiple auditing tools and log data formatting intricacies. Vendor-specific log formats and options present time-consuming learning curves and calls to technical support. Even after the data is captured and imported there's more time spent generating some form of output that can be used. File change monitoring software from Netwrix does all the heavy lifting: connecting, collecting, compiling and reporting. The more complex and expansive the environment, the more cost savings potential can be achieved.

Customers of competing products can take advantage of our competitive upgrade offer. Switching to Netwrix can realize cost savings of up to more than half of current licensing and support fees. Netwrix Auditor can help the bottom line by saving money and time.

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