Advanced File Change Monitoring to Enhance Visibility Across File Servers

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Are you aware of what permissions have been modified across your file servers? Can you quickly determine who tried to delete a folder with business-critical content? To answer these and other questions, you need to be able to track file changes, audit file share activity and stay on top of everything happening across your file servers. Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers is file, folder and file share auditing software that keeps you informed about all changes and data access events, and helps you understand data ownership and usage patterns.

The application delivers visibility into all activity across your Windows file servers, enabling you to proactively track file changes and keep an eye on critical actions, such as unauthorized access to your sensitive files, changes to permissions and any illicit folder removal. The actionable intelligence includes who-what-when-where details that help you identify users who tried to delete any file or folder with mission-critical content, which can help you detect attacks and identify users who were granted permissions they shouldn’t have.

In addition to tracking file changes, Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers provides easy-to-use file analysis reports on who has access to what data, who owns what data, what duplicate files and folders you have across your file servers, and much more. Being able to identify duplicate files and empty folders, stale data and the largest files helps you perform effective data cleansing to optimize storage usage and enhance user productivity.