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A sysadmin disabled the local admin accounts on
all Windows servers. Did he make it onto Santa’s
naughty or nice sysadmins list?
The nice sysadmin disabled the default local admin accounts to reduce
the organization’s attack surface area. The reason — naughty hackers often
brute-force the default accounts first.
The infamous Merry Christmas ransomware
ruins a victim’s holiday mood by:
The Merry Christmas ransomware uses a strong encryption algorithm
to take files hostage, possibly including critical images, databases or
configuration files. Then it delivers a creepy (and ungrammatical) ransom
note ending with, "Merry Christmas, He Knows If Your Bad!"
A sysadmin has a problem with users who visit inappropriate web sites during their work time.
What should Santa put in his stocking?
Web filtering software helps you control access to external websites, including sites that commonly host malware. Analysts believe that the Sony Pictures breach began with a series of phishing attacks urging Sony employees to visit websites that introduced malware to their systems.
Santa has Christmas elves to help him.
A sysadmin needs help as well — his internet
connection is down. Who will be able to help him?
The internet service provider specialist will be the sysadmin’s little helper. According to AppDynamics/Cisco research, downtime can cost a small to medium business between $8,580 and $74,000 per hour. So please be
a good sysadmin during the upcoming year so Santa won’t punish you with
a bad internet connection.
A Christmas data breach is a sysadmin’s personal Grinch,
a nasty event that can ruin your holiday. Which American
retail giant suffered an infamous Christmas data breach
that affected upwards of 100 million customers?
Target received a very unpleasant Christmas gift in 2013. Its sales, profit and stock price all suffered for months after the disclosure because shoppers were nervous about the security of their credit cards. The breach also contributed to the departure of Target’s CEO. In 2017, the company paid $18.5 million in settlement costs.
A sysadmin is doing Christmas shopping,
looking for a solution to find the RJ45 cable
in the wall. What should he buy?
A wire tracker would be a good Christmas present for any sysadmin.
It is an addition to a cable tester and is used to spot cable. Also, check out this cable joke: "What would a barefooted man get if he steps on an electric wire?
A pair of shocks." Ho-ho-ho!
What was the main idea of Edward Snowden’s
Christmas message delivered a few years ago
on UK’s Channel 4?
Snowden’s Christmas message featured more George Orwell than comfort and joy. Also, there are rumors that all Snowden wants for Christmas is … amnesty.
The Christmas tree lights in the office suddenly
stopped working. The boss calls the sysadmin to fix
the problem. How would a true sysadmin respond?
"Turn it off and back on" might be a sysadmin meme but it’s also a repair technique that usually works, even for Christmas lights.
It’s pre-Christmas time and everyone is getting
in the holiday spirit. What do users usually send
to sysadmin at this time of year?
They say sysadmins might be Santa, since they often share the same look (beard, distinctive clothes) and work on holidays. However, even at Christmas time, sysadmins receive a never-ending stream of tickets, along
with comfort and joy, of course.

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