SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

SQL Database Security Solution Detects Who Changed What, When and Where

Change auditing requires who, what, when and where information to be effective. Simply being informed of that a change occurred is of little value if these details are not also provided. Native SQL auditing frequently behaves this way and thus needs greater detail to be effective.

SQL Database Security Solution from Netwrix bridges the gap between native SQL auditing and the detail required for detailed change auditing to be both effective and efficient. In addition to database, table, view index, role, schema and stored procedure auditing, the product can also track backup and restore operations, functions, table indexes, triggers, foreign keys, constraint changes and more.

Not only are these capabilities far superior to native SQL auditing, it provides the all-important 5Ws of detail (Who, What, When, Where and Workstation) to paint the most complete picture of what happened in an efficient consolidated, compact and lightweight manner which is at the root of SQL Server Change Reporter and all other change auditing products offered by Netwrix.

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