Windows Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

Server Configuration Audit: Detecting Who Made What Change When and Where

Having a good Windows Server monitoring plan over sensitive server configurations is extremely important. Only a detailed server configuration audit on an ongoing basis will confirm critical and sensitive servers are truly safe from poor changes and a record of these changes are stored for future reference if needed.

Netwrix Auditor facilitates Windows Server configuration monitoring to report the who, what, when and where information for these hardware, software, service, task, registry, driver, IIS, DNS and local user and group configuration changes across all servers that may impact performance or availability.

With Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server, automatic daily and on-demand reports with flexible schedules provide continuous feedback on the safety and integrity of server configurations. More importantly, this feedback reveals where system configuration took place and can reveal security problems such as when a virus makes changes to the Windows registry. Not having a solution in place to provide server configuration audit puts mission critical servers at risk.

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