SharePoint Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Explicit “Before and After” Change Detail with SharePoint Monitoring Software from Netwrix

When a change to SharePoint permissions, sites or server farm takes place, you need complete details surrounding these changes especially what was a particular setting before and after it was changed. Anything administrator and users can do that impacts SharePoint needs to be recorded and reported on with this level of detail.

SharePoint monitoring software from Netwrix employs an innovative technology called AuditIntelligence™ for presenting the value of the change before it happened, in addition to the new value. An example would be when the permissions to a site are granted to a new user. Netwrix Auditor will show who had rights before as well as display in the report exactly who was granted permission over the site.

Netwrix Auditor’s auditing details in the daily reports overcome existing native limitations and greatly improve your SharePoint management capabilities. Native SharePoint logging and reporting is made up of strange codes and confusing detail. Only a solution that can simplify SharePoint audit detail into meaningful reports that contain before and after details can provide confidence and SharePoint compliance.

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