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Netwrix Auditor is a unified platform that delivers complete visibility into file activity and user behavior across your IT environment. The robust and simple-to-use file system auditing software enables you to easily track activity on your file servers so you can improve security, quickly identify and investigate suspicious events, and comply with regulatory requirements. Plus, Netwrix Auditor overcomes the challenges common to other file system audit tools.

First, it's vital that all systems that store any data are monitored. File system monitoring software has to bring full visibility into file servers, since even one unaudited resource is a potential security hole that can trigger a compliance failure. In particular, file system auditing must include not only Windows-based file servers, but also NetApp, EMC and other storage. Netwrix file system auditing software audits all of them. Second, many auditing solutions are complex to implement and require knowing how each of the various storage systems records and logs events. Netwrix Auditor is easy to deploy and enables you to audit a broad range of systems without having to learn their technical details.

Last, to be useful, a file system tracking solution must do more than simply store data. It must also provide actionable intelligence through comprehensive reports and search capabilities across all audited systems from a single console. Netwrix Auditor file system auditing software delivers visibility and control across all of your file servers in a unified way, making file system audit far simpler and easier.