EMC Storage Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

"Before" and "After" Detail for Changes on EMC VNX

To fully understand the implications of a file, folder or permission change, it's not enough to just know that it happened. You need more information to paint the whole picture. Netwrix Auditor presents the value of each change as it was before the change occurred and the new value on your EMC storage appliance.

With this EMC VNX monitoring software, you automatically report previous and current values for file, folder and permission changes over any period of time. For example, when a user is given a new permission to a folder, or a file is renamed, the audit report shows both old and new detail for each change. Having this level of critical detail will help meet your compliance and security needs.

The auditing details found in the daily reports provide complete visibility over the organization's data stored on EMC storage. Native logging contains excessive noise making it hard to locate and understand critical before and after values. Frequently on EMC storage, this detail simply does not exist. Only a solution that can automatically collect data and present clear reports with before and after information will provide you with an auditing tool that meets your security and compliance needs.

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