Exchange Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Non-Intrusive Agent-Based or Agentless Exchange Audit Data Collection

Netwrix Auditor offers optional server-based agents for data compression and filtering in large and/or multi-site locations or agentless Exchange audit data collection. No matter how large or small the Exchange Server environment may be, Netwrix Auditor can handle it all. By employing server-based agents, data from event logs are filtered and compressed from all audited resources and sent across the network so as to maximize efficiency and minimize resource utilization.

These non-intrusive, lightweight server-based agents are safe and only run when collecting Exchange audit data across the networks. Smaller networks can implement the use of centralized data collection if server agents are unwanted. Only valuable audit and event log data is captured and not entire logs.

Compression is rated at 100-to-1 when using these optional agents as compared to raw audit data. Furthermore, not using agents does not alter the product capabilities whatsoever. This allows Netwrix Auditor to fit in a wide variety of environments that may or may not restrict the use of third-party agent software running locally and provide efficient Exchange audit.

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