Exchange Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Exchange Audit: Before and After Values

Netwrix Auditor collects and reports previous and current settings for every audited Exchange change. Only before and after information represents real value. Just knowing what changed alone is of little use and means that in order to know if the change were acceptable or not, you would need to perform extensive manual research to get the complete picture.

For example, when mailbox permissions are changed, the Exchange audit report will show both the old and new permissions. When the Recipient Update Service interval is changed from Always Run to run every 4 hours, the daily report will show both the previous default value and the new run interval. Or, if mailbox delegation is changed from one user to another, it could present problems. The report will show the previously delegated user and the new user to whom delegation was granted, as well as who made the change, when and where.

Auditors require this information to be audited in detail and retained for future review. Without it, your organization's compliance is at risk, and potentially missed opportunities to correct problems before they become calls from unhappy users. Before and after information is equally as important as knowing that something has changed in the first place so as to provide the information necessary to undo a bad setting change without having to resort to extraordinary measures such as extensive troubleshooting or restoration from backup.

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