Exchange Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Audit Changes to MS Exchange Servers and Provide Total Enterprise Visibility

Netwrix Auditor tracks all changes to MS Exchange servers, regardless of location and compiles them into human-readable detailed reports to provide total visibility over your critical Exchange infrastructure.

Gather all details of every Exchange change over any time period including who made what changes and where without having to manually piece together related audit and event logs from multiple sources. For example, who removed the Exchange Storage Group from the corporate mail server and when. This detail can save time and frustration and might otherwise require in-depth analysis and IT heroism to uncover the root cause.

Scouring event logs is time consuming and can introduce human error. The ability to completely and accurately collect the same detail of data using native tools requires in-depth knowledge of how Exchange and Active Directory interrelate. With Netwrix Auditor, all of this audit information spread across your environment is collected and organized accurately and presented clearly to deliver better results in a fraction of the time automatically.

Using the mailbox access auditing feature, greater detail is achieved to ensure messaging resources are monitored and protected. This optional add-on further extends visibility not readily available using native tools and adds tremendous value to IT organizations required to audit MS Exchange assets. Netwrix Auditor provides total visibility automatically and even across multiple Domains and Forests from a single installation.

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