Avoid Compliance Failures by Auditing Access to Your Data

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Adhering to compliance regulations and controlling data access is easier said than done. Many organizations, irrespective of industry and size, have suffered compliance failures because they lacked the ability to put policy into practice. In particular, many compliance directives mandate ensuring the confidentiality of data, but businesses often fail to maintain adequate internal control over their file server environment and data access.

So how can your organization reduce your risk of compliance failure, avoid legal and financial problems, and prevent damage to your reputation and brand? To close these compliance gaps, you need continuous auditing of data access that preserves a robust audit trail for later use by IT, legal, HR employees, and internal and external regulatory audit officials. However, auditing file server activity is difficult without specialized software.

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers delivers the robust file system auditing and reporting that your organization needs to sustain compliance — without sacrificing IT productivity or operational efficiency. It includes a rich set of features for implementing data security policies that reduce the risk of compliance failure, and provides easy, secure access to a complete audit trail for ten years or more.