What are Netwix Auditor: Active Directory hard disk requirements?

Disk space usage archive
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Question What are  Netwix Auditor for Active Directory hard disk requirements?
Answer The minimym hardware requirements are as follows:
  • 50MB physical disk space for product installation.
  • Additional space is required for the Audit Archive and depends on the number of AD objects and changes per day.

Audit Archive space estimation:
  • Change data:
1 Change = ~9KB (include all necessary data for changed AD object)

100 changes per day = 900KB
900KB * 365 days = 328500KB
328500KB/1024KB= 320MB <-- Needed space per year
  • Snapshot data:
1 snapshot = 1KB per AD object (users, computers, groups etc) - Snapshot is created after each full data collection (once per day by default)

Note: Change data and snapshot data are stored in the audit archive.
  • SQL Database:
2KB per AD change  

100 changes per day = 200KB
200KB * 365 days = 73000KB
73000KB /1024 kb = 72MB

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