Make your own report with Intellicus

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If you need a custom report, you can create it using the following applications:
  • System Center Configuration Manager
  • Intellicus Reporting Suite

  • Jasper Business Intelligence Suite
NOTE: You should have a decent amoutn of SQL knowledge to create a report.

This article details how to create a "Users added to Groups" report using Intellicus Reporting Suite.
  1. Download and install Intellicus Reporting Suite.
  2. Configure an Intellicus connection to the Netwrix Active Directory Audit database.
  3. Navigate to the Reports area and press the New Report button.
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  1. At the SQL Report Wizard select Simple, press Next
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  1. Select the connection to the Netwrix Active Directory Audit database from step 2, press SQL Designer.
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  1. The graphic constructor can be used to create a query, or you can just create a query manually.
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  1. When the query has finished, press Next.
  2. Add the required field that will appear in the report.
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  1. Add a Group by parameter if required.
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  1. Press Finish.
  2. Using the Report Designer tools, configure the report the way you like - add labels, pictures, configure fields.
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  1. Save the report.
The new report will now be available for users to run.
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