Minimum password age violation.

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Symptoms A user receives the Minimum password age violation error when trying to reset his password via Password Manager.

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Cause The error indicates that  password cannot be reset  due to the Domain Password Policy limiting Minimum password age.

With the current product architecture a users password is not reset directly, but it is actually a two-step procedure
The password is first  reset to a random value, and than a regular password change on behalf of a user is performed.

This is done to apply password policy to the new password, otherwise it could be possible to set any password.

Resolution By design a user cannot reset their password more often than they are allowed to change it by the policy.
However it is possible to bypass this by making Password Manager ignore Minimum length, Minimum password age and Password history policies.

To do this go to the Password Manager Administartive portal,
Navigate to Domains - Edit corresponding domain
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and clear the Use AD password policy settings checkbox
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Please note that complexity requirements will still be applied.
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