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Top 10 Critical Changes to Audit in Your IT Infrastructure

Always know who changed what, where & when
Have you ever asked yourself, who made what changes within Active Directory - specifically, who changed security group members, deleted files, modified AD schema or changed SQL data base objects? Who is accessing sensitive files or other people's mailboxes, and who gave permissions to those file shares or SharePoint sites?

If you haven't yet wondered this, your auditors certainly have. Undetected changes to Active Directory, MS Exchange, file servers, network devices, databases, SharePoint and other systems can result in security breaches, data theft, changes to permissions, sensitive file access and failed audits.

If you arent yet auditing IT infrastructure changes, learn how you can easily automate the process today. Here is your opportunity to learn about the advantages and ROI associated with streamlined change auditing.

At the webinar you will learn how to improve security and streamline compliance by:

Don't miss it. Different time slots available for your convenience.

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The stipulations will be that the organization must attend a webinar (not just register) and buy within 60 days of the webinar attendance.