Mailbox Access Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Mailbox Audit Data Archiving with AuditArchive™ technology

Our AuditArchive™ technology permits storing audited access events for both short and long-term reporting purposes. Native Exchange mailbox audit data is stored on the server itself and at risk over being cleared or lost creating potentially dangerous gaps in audit information and prevents meeting compliance requirements. Without fast access to the audit data, precious time could be lost and the organization could be at risk of an information breach. Netwrix Auditor collects mailbox access audit data quickly and offloads it securely to both an SQL database and a compressed storage format using a two-tier system.

The first tier stores audit data in a local SQL database. This not only allows you to secure the data but it also allows you to generate reports fast. The second tier stores audit data for up to 7 years in a file-based compressed storage with indexing (“NoSQL” approach) if management or an auditor needs to confirm records cover the required amount of time. This unique storage approach means all Exchange access audit detail is both accessible and centralized.

Microsoft MVP, Don Jones states, “Netwrix offers one of the most well thought-out long-term data archival strategies, using a two-tiered system that utilizes SQL Server for online reporting, and file-based compressed storage for long-term storage.” No other solution available today can offer a more robust method of data archiving and reporting. Netwrix Auditor provides the most comprehensive long-term archiving architecture available.

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