Mailbox Access Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Real-Time Alerting of Unauthorized Mailbox Access

Events are taking place in real-time, so the only way to respond effectively is to have a solution for mailbox auditing for Exchange 2010 that notifies at the same pace. Administrators must understand that notification is extremely helpful by itself, and real-time notification can be a difference between highest performance and lost productivity.

Netwrix Auditor can notify administrators or other appropriate security personnel when an audited mailbox is accessed or attempted to be accessed fraudulently or if any messages are read or modified.

The product automatically detects administrators and users with excessive rights who gained access to other users` mailboxes and reports who accessed what mailboxes, what items inside mailboxes, and what was done. This allows you to detect any unauthorized activity from users who may be trying to steal confidential information from sensitive mailboxes.

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