Mailbox Access Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Improve Exchange Security with Mailbox Monitoring Solution by Netwrix

Netwrix Auditor’s non-owner mailbox access daily reports provide continuous feedback on your Exchange mailbox changes and access attempts. This feedback reveals where your Exchange mailbox security may require reinforcing. By not having a solution in place to provide an ongoing Exchange mailbox audit puts your organization at risk of losing data or access by unauthorized eyes.

When a user accesses or modifies mailbox information that does not belong to them, such as the CEO’s or other management staff, there is no way of knowing that happened unless native logging has been enabled and is reviewed frequently and extensively. Native Exchange auditing and logging features provide a wealth of raw data however much of this data is difficult to use on an ongoing basis. Compiling and gathering Exchange audit data can take hours of analysis for a single account. Expertise using Exchange audit data is required to achieve confidence in any analysis.

Organizations that place a high value on Exchange security cannot afford the effort required and risks associated with native Exchange audit data collection and analysis. Netwrix Auditor automatically performs an Exchange mailbox access audit on an ongoing basis using our patent-pending AuditAssurance™ technology/>. Reports are immediately easy to understand and use. No other means of Exchange mailbox access auditing can equal the benefits of using this mailbox monitoring tool from Netwrix .

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