Exchange Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

MS Exchange Audit: Predefined and Custom Reporting with Subscription Capabilities

Netwrix Auditor leverages Microsoft SSRS to generate on-demand web-based reports for MS Exchange audit. Multiple predefined reports are included based on real-world best practices and expertise. You can also create your own custom reports based on a wide array of Exchange criteria and parameters with ease.

Filter, sort and group report data on demand to isolate critical information. Multiple data export formats such as .pdf, .xml, .xls, .doc, .dhmtl and .csv are available to further customize report output. Use these custom reporting export capabilities as an additional backup store.

Subscription capabilities facilitate automatic scheduled delivery of Exchange reports. Each subscription report can support one or more recipients, report format, specific delivery frequency, and MS Exchange audit details including any object and setting names, who changed, where changed, and more. For example, you can configure a report subscription for all new user mailboxes created in the AD forest in PDF format every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the department head, HR director, and the network administrators group.

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