NetApp Filer Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix NetApp CIFS Reporting Solution Provides Multiple Platform Support for Windows and EMC

Netwrix NetApp CIFS reporting software audits files, folders, and permissions, across multiple platforms and physical locations. This means that this single solution can reach them all and audit them accurately and reliably, no matter how many servers, filer appliances or locations to audit.

Additional supported systems include Windows (including DFS shares) and EMC Celerra/VNX/VNXe. Audit all of these devices from a single, easy to use interface. Netwrix NetApp CIFS reporting solution also allows multiple server collections, each with its own unique settings.

Netwrix Auditor gathers all details of every file, folder and permission change over any period including who made what changes when and where without having to manually piece together related audit logs and event logs from multiple sources. Change detail also includes failures of change attempts. Audit all of your NetApp Filer devices using one convenient solution.

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