Windows Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

Monitoring of Day-to-Day Server Configuration Changes

Server configurations can be among the most frequently changed resources in the IT infrastructure of any organization and even small changes can cause big problems. Most organizations generally have one or more servers running web-based applications, databases, storage for business-critical, confidential files and other software and services to allow the organization to function normally. If server configurations are not monitored, adverse changes can disrupt operations.

Windows servers running in production environments require automatic configuration auditing so they are protected against damaging or disruptive changes. Monitoring Windows changes natively is difficult when troubleshooting problems as there is no facility available to provide this level of detail without extensive effort.

While documentation and procedures can help maintain a manual audit trail of changes, human error omitting a single change can result in hours of troubleshooting and frustrated users.

For these reasons, report server configurations regularly and automatically with Netwrix Auditor to ensure changes are monitored so these resources are available to end users. Reporting server configurations enables administrators to investigate problems in complete detail, minimizing the effects of adverse server configuration changes while recording all Windows Server configuration change events for historical audit reporting.

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