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56% (2.12K)
Number of sensitive files shared with “Everyone”
Action required
18% (76)
Stale permissions to sensitive files
Needs attention
2% (13)
Inactive accounts with access to sensitive files
Action required
0% (0)
Accounts with "Password never expires" and access to sensitive files
Within range

Risk Insights So Actionable, You’ll
Be Willing To Pay For Them

But you won’t need to.
This one is on us.

Reducing the risk of a data breach has never been easy, and 2020 only added to
the challenge. Netwrix wants to help. To thank you for being a loyal customer,
we’re giving you a solution that will help you better understand your security
posture and keep risks under control.

Benefits Screen
  • Understand your biggest security gaps at a glance
    Assess your security posture using a cloud dashboard with risks indicators backed by the NIST cybersecurity framework.
  • With great power comes great responsibility
    Get actionable intelligence that shows exactly what you need to do to close security gaps and reduce risk.
  • Started from the bottom, now we’re here
    Track how the risk changed over time and showcase the awesome results of your work to senior management.
  • Rated E for Everyone
    Speed up your reporting routines with ready-to-use data and charts that decision-makers will actually understand.
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Join Netwrix CTO Michael Paye for an in-depth demo of Netwrix Risk Insight. Learn how you can understand and continuously improve your security posture using the brand-new risk analytics dashboard from Netwrix.

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