Windows Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

Total Visibility to All Critical Server Configuration Changes

Incorrect server configuration changes can cripple an organization's IT infrastructure and potentially result in additional damage. In an environment with multiple servers, it's important to have the ability to monitor changes across all of them with ease. Complicating this are multiple administrators who often have rights to make changes on many important Windows servers in the environment.

Even with good policies, people can forget to document or report changes made to Windows servers and this can expose the organization to potential problems. Server configuration auditing cannot be performed successfully with a mix-and-match strategy of individual tools that specialize in auditing fragmented server configuration criteria.

Multiple email and web-based reports and administrator accounts making changes further complicates knowing what's going on with Windows server changes 24x7. Visibility into server configuration changes across all resources is essential to effectively managing the environment and providing the services users and customers rely on.

Netwrix Auditor provides visibility to all critical server configuration changes with a fraction of the raw audit detail to review in user-friendly reports. Configuration takes only minutes to setup. Once all managed servers have been enabled for auditing, keeping constant watch over all Windows Server settings will happen automatically.

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