SharePoint Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Total Visibility with SharePoint Reporting Application by Netwrix

Unauthorized SharePoint configuration changes can cripple an organization with unscheduled downtime and create security risks. Netwrix Auditor provides total visibility over administrative and end-user changes that impact your SharePoint servers in a single solution.

Knowing what’s going on with SharePoint configuration changes 24x7 is a challenge if you use native tools. Netwrix Auditor delivers complete details over SharePoint changes including permissions, content, and objects without cryptic details, strange codes or effort via human-readable reports.

Netwrix SharePoint reporting tool takes only a few minutes to configure. Once your SharePoint servers to audit have been added, keeping constant watch over all SharePoint server farms and individual servers happens silently and automatically. Save valuable time and money while meeting change auditing and SharePoint compliance goals using one application.

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