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Canal Insurance Enforces Policy Settings and Achieves Total ROI in Just 6 Months

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With Netwrix PolicyPak, it is much easier to field trouble calls because we already know exactly what settings we are dealing with. This helps us identify and resolve a problem much more quickly. We estimate an ROI of less than six months, just based on the time we are saving administering policy settings for our browsers.

Faye Jasman, Applications Analyst at Canal Insurance 

  • To ensure smooth customer service, the company needs to support use of all major browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.
  • In addition, the company needed to efficiently manage browser-related applications, such as Adobe Reader and Java.

If we need to control an application not covered by PolicyPak by default, we can use PolicyPak Design Studio to build our own pak. All of these features — the automatic updates, the ability to lock down settings and the ability to create our own paks if needed — help us create a safer environment for our company.

Faye Jasman, Applications Analyst at Canal Insurance 

Netwrix Solution

Canal Insurance instantly liked PolicyPak because it did the job they needed. PolicyPak was more formally evaluated and then trialed with a limited number of users. The deployment went well, so it was rolled out across the entire company. Canal Insurance now enjoys a number of benefits:


Easy management of policy across multiple browsers. Using PolicyPak, the IT team can easy manage policy across Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox — enabling employees to use the browser that works best for them while streamlining systems administration. In fact, the IT team reports that PolicyPak browser templates are easier to use than the templates provided by the browser publishers.


Support for related applications. PolicyPak also enables Canal Insurance to manage many browser-related applications, which was nearly impossible before. “With PolicyPak, you can control browser-related applications — such as Adobe Reader, Java, FileZilla and TeamViewer — with system-wide settings, which helps secure and simplify the overall environment,” explains Faye Jasman, Applications Analyst at Canal Insurance.


Ease of staying current. Keeping browser settings up to date is now easy for Canal insurance, since they are automatically notified about updates. “Before PolicyPak, it could take hours — or even days — to implement browser setting changes,” Jasman says. “Now we simply download the update, open the management console and push the update out to all of our users. The whole process takes less than three minutes.”


Rapid ROI. Updating browser settings used to eat up 12 or more hours of valuable IT time each month. PolicyPak saves most of that time by automating the process. Plus, the IT team saves additional time because there are fewer support calls from users and the calls that do come are easier to handle. “PolicyPak can have a significantly positive impact on operations, especially if your IT group is a smaller shop,” Jasman says. “For Canal Insurance, we estimate an ROI of less than six months, just based on the time we are saving administering policy settings for our browsers.”


Tighter security. The IT team uses PolicyPak to lock down settings that aren’t required for work tasks to help ensure they cannot be exploited. “By default, Chrome provides access to your webcam,” notes Jasman. “We’ve turned that off using PolicyPak, so if a user travels to a malicious site, a webcam can’t be used to harvest company information.”

Key Benefits
  • Reduced IT overhead
  • Tighter security
  • Improved user experience
  • Fast time to value
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Customer Profile

Canal Insurance Company has specialized in providing insurance to the commercial trucking and specialty transportation sectors through selected professional agents for more than eighty years. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, US, the company focuses on achieving profitable, sustainable growth by broadening and diversifying its transportation portfolio.

Customer: Canal Insurance

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