Windows Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

AuditAssurance™ and AuditIntelligence™ Technologies


Organizations that place high value on server stability cannot afford hours of error-prone manual data collection and the risks associated with incorrect analysis. For example, having the ability to accurately audit software installation, Windows registry changes, local users and groups, as well as hardware auditing, ISS server configurations, DNS server configurations and more across the enterprise is essential maintaining a stable operation.

Netwrix Auditor collects data from all audited systems using multiple sources of change information and compiles it using the patent-pending AuditAssurance™ technology. The result is a single record that reflects all the important details of each change without all the noise associated with native logging. Because data is collected from multiple sources and condensed into a cohesive single change record for each change, data collection and storage efficiency is maximized.

Because data is collected from multiple sources, you don't need to worry that information is missing or incomplete and best of all, it's done for you. These advancements offered by AuditAssurance™ technology take dispersed and cryptic data and transform them into information you can actually use in your daily and ongoing server monitoring.


AuditIntelligence™ technology generates human-readable and actionable reports that are of immediate value in what would have taken hours using native change logging or even advanced troubleshooting. You can readily recognize objects and events in reports because their descriptions and details are spelled out clearly. Adding before and after values for changes such as a service startup type property, you'll easily understand that Computer Browser service was changed from "Automatic" to "Manual" in a single record in the report.

Report with AuditIntelligence™ technology greatly improves your ability to manage the Windows servers within your control. Using this technology makes monitoring and reacting to Windows server changes easy and effortless. This technology also allows you to have reports that any manager or department head can understand thus making it easier for you to meet your change auditing and security monitoring goals.

Reports may also be exported to other formats. Supported formats include: .tiff, .pdf, .xml, .xls, .mhtml, .doc and .csv and can be used as an additional backup store. By leveraging Microsoft SSRS, generation of on-demand web-based reports is possible. Many predefined reports are included based on real-world needs and expertise or, you can create custom reports based on a wide array of criteria and parameters in minutes. Filter, sort and group report data on demand to isolate critical Windows Server configuration change details without risking the human errors associated with homegrown reporting and scripting errors.

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