VMware Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of VMware vSphere and ESX

Monitoring of Day-to-Day Administrative Activities with Netwrix vSphere Reporting Tool

The use of VMware technologies in IT organizations is widespread and continues to grow in popularity. With greater dependence on this technology comes the need to monitor daily activity to ensure virtual environment stability. The ability to audit one or more VMware installations, at all times, exactly who did what, and when requires more than just a watchful eye and attention to detail.

Effective daily management of VMware platform changes is difficult, error-prone and time-consuming without effective VMware auditing tools. Native features provide little in terms of change control and reporting mechanisms further supporting the need for a specialized VMware audit tool.

Netwrix Auditor provides auditing and reporting for VMware vSphere and ESX/ESXi environments and records changes made to VMware configuration settings. VMware vSphere reporting tool by Netwrix generates audit reports that include Who, What, and When for every change including configuration setting changes, snapshot additions and deletions, resource pool changes, clusters, and virtual hardware changes. In addition, it automatically provides before and after values for each setting that has changed.

Some examples include: Any cluster changes, data stores added or removed, host system changes, and Virtual Machine permissions changed, added, or removed. The automatic collection and reporting on VMware changes such as these not only surpasses those native capabilities provided by VMware but expands upon them eliminating the time and effort spent collecting the information manually or through existing tools.

Effective VMware auditing is extremely important. The ability to detect and report on unwanted changes on a daily basis minimizes help desk call volume, improves productivity and maintains a stable and robust network of resources hosted using virtualization. While virtualization provides many advantages, reliance on VMware can create single points of failure and must be monitored and managed thoroughly and completely. Detecting mistakes made by an IT staff is a challenge without audit reporting. To sustain detailed monitoring of VMware, an IT manager using Netwrix VMware vSphere reporting tools can see VMware resource pool changes performed by an administrator and monitor security violations, compliance issues and VM sprawl.

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