Implement Strong Data Access Governance across Your File Servers

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Over time, data builds up on your file systems and file shares. To minimize data security risks, organizations need to know exactly what data they have, how it’s being used, who has access to it and who the data owners are. Having this insight at hand enables them to implement proper data access governance and make sure required access controls are in place for stronger data security.

In particular, protecting data against exploitation and exfiltration requires keeping abreast of all activity across your file storage. You need to monitor both successful and failed access attempts, know who has access to what, understand who the data owners are, and stay on top of what users are doing with the data. By gaining meaningful insight into user behavior and quickly detecting suspicious actions before a breach occurs, IT pros are able to implement efficient data governance practices.

Netwrix Auditor provides the actionable intelligence you need for strong data access governance by delivering complete visibility into user behavior, file activity and configurations across your Windows-based file servers. By reporting on all access attempts, data ownership, permission states and changes across your file storages, the platform helps your IT team ensure all the proper access security measures are in place to minimize the risk of a security breach.