How to Identify Excessive Active Directory Permissions and “Shadow” Admins

October 11
1:00pm EDT
About the Webinar

The sheer number of ways to grant access in Active Directory often creates a tangled permissions layout, making it hard to spot excessive rights to sensitive objects that open the door to a breach. It’s even harder to spot "shadow" admins — seemingly ordinary users who can escalate their privileges to administrator level in only a few steps. Defining who has or can get access to what in Active Directory is the key step to protect against cyber threats.
Join our webinar to learn how Netwrix StealthAUDIT can help you discover “shadow” admins and excessive access rights in Active Directory so you can remediate these attack vectors.
During the webinar you will learn how to:

  • Protect your AD using NIST framework
  • Track down excessive permissions with StealthAUDIT Active Directory Permissions Analyzer
  • Identify who can replicate sensitive Active Directory information through replication
  • Identify who can reset other users passwords within Active Directory
  • Identify who can modify group membership within Active Director
  • Understand all of these various permissions and more to understand and view paths that attackers can use to go from a non-privileged user to potential domain compromise
Jeremy Dundon avatar
Jeremy Dundon, Presales Engineer
Kevin Joyce avatar
Kevin Joyce, Senior Technical Product Manager