Windows Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

Windows Server Configuration Audit: Centralized Audit Trail

When a Windows Server configuration is changed as a matter of course in a typical environment, there is no way of knowing what happened unless multiple, dispersed event and/or audit logs are reviewed and compiled. Even worse is when the individual or group relying on these resources suddenly finds these systems unavailable or experiencing performance issues. Failure to properly implement server configuration management can cost the organization in lost productivity.

Native Windows auditing and logging features provide massive amounts of raw data or sometimes provide no data at all. This raw data is of little value by itself. Compiling and gathering audit and logging data can take hours for analysis of a single change. Time and attention to detail with each server configuration is required to attain a high degree of confidence that recent or historical changes led to server downtime or performance problems.

With Netwrix Auditor, you can perform an ongoing Windows server configuration audit as changes are stored in a central location to facilitate reports and serve as a historical record of activity.

Using AuditAssurance™ technology, multiple sources of audit information are gathered and aggregated into an efficient store of human-readable events containing only the important data to ensure no events are missed and your Windows configuration changes are recorded accurately and efficiently.

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