Windows Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

Before and After Values for Windows Server Configuration Changes

When a change to a driver, service or scheduled task takes place, it's not enough to just know that it happened. More information is required to fully understand what any potential consequences may be. Netwrix Server Auditor for Windows Server employs a unique method of presenting the value of the change before it happened, in addition to the new value of each Windows Server configuration setting.

The product features the ability to capture and report on previous and current Windows Server configuration values for every change across all audited resources over any span of time. For example, when the frequency of a scheduled task is changed, or a Windows registry modification is made, the audit report shows both old and new schedules and the Windows registry change. Only this level of critical detail will help troubleshoot problems and restore performance following bad changes.

Before and after details found in the daily reports provides complete visibility over the Windows Server changes. Native logging resembles a complex dump of cryptic codes and hard to understand detail. Add to that the exhaustive nature of these logs and their limited flexibility, only a solution that can not only collect data from multiple sources but organize it and present it in a meaningful human-readable report will provide confidence and audit trail needed to help maintain critical systems.

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