Check out these top tips and tricks based on real-world customer experience to make sure your alerts deliver useful insights that enable quick response to emerging threats, and avoid common mistakes that could make your alerting less effective.
Netwrix Auditor’s Interactive Search feature enables you to easily find specific information about past events, such as an administrator granting permissions directly instead of through group membership. But did you know that you can also choose to be alerted whenever a similar event occurs in the future? See how you can quickly create new alerts based on your searches.
In some cases, a certain type of event signals a threat only if it occurs repeatedly within a certain time frame. For example, you wouldn’t want to get an alert each time a user enters an incorrect password, but multiple failed logons within a minute could be a sign of a brute-force attack in progress — something you need to know about right away. See how threshold-based alerts ensure you are notified only when the situation calls for it.
Certain types of events require a prompt response to avoid a security breach or disruption of business processes. For example, you need to know right away if someone is added to a powerful group like Enterprise Admins. See how Netwrix Auditor’s alerts can help you and others stay informed so you can take immediate action.