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We care about security of your data.
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Enterprise Password Management Solution to Secure Your Passwords
— and Your Peace of Mind

The vast majority of security incidents start with compromised credentials. With Netwrix password management solutions, you can slash your risk of costly breaches, downtime and compliance violations. Quickly establish powerful yet flexible policies that require everyone to use strong, unique passwords — and make it exceedingly easy for them to comply with those policies. Then sit back and enjoy quick solution adoption and an end to your password-related worries.
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We care about security of your data.
Privacy Policy

Balance security and user productivity with
powerful yet flexible password policies.

Meet even complex password policy requirements
Easily create strong password policies tailored to requirements of different groups of users. Quickly build exactly the policies you need by choosing from built-in templates and customizing them in minutes.
Thwart attackers by rooting out weak and leaked passwords
Prevent users from setting passwords you consider weak by easily configuring character substitution, bidirectional analysis, match tolerance and other rules. Block the use of any password listed in a database of hundreds of millions of leaked credentials, and check all existing passwords against that database at any time.
Empower users to focus on their jobs, not their passwords
Help users choose compliant passwords by showing your policy and explaining the exact reasons behind any rejections. Proactively remind users about impending password expiration so they can avoid frustrating lockouts.
Make the transition easy and appealing
Ease users into stronger password policies by allowing partial compliance. Drive adoption by offering a reward to users: Choose a stronger password and you won’t have to change it as often.
Satisfy auditors
Make password compliance a breeze by using out-of-the-box policy templates based on CIS, HIPAA, NERC CIP, NIST and PCI DSS. Plus, rest assured you can quickly modify your policies to meet new requirements.

Centrally manage and secure all credentials to reduce the risk of data breaches, ensure compliance, and improve productivity.

Securely manage passwords
Centrally store and manage passwords with strong encryption and role-based access control (RBAC). Automatic synchronization across all platforms and devices ensures users can access them securely from anywhere, at any time.
Facilitate teamwork
Empower users to securely share passwords, keys, profiles and other secrets with appropriate teammates — and nobody else.
Make it easy to comply with strong password policies
Enable users to log in by simply clicking a browser extension. Since they don’t have to type (or even know!) their credentials, they can set complex, unique passwords without fear of lockouts. Further streamline business workflows with secure single sign-on (SSO).
Simplify administration and compliance
Empower admins to manage password policies, monitor password usage and roll back unwanted changes, all from a single console. Streamline audit preparation and prove compliance with a complete audit trail of every password-related event.

Increase user productivity and satisfaction while reducing helpdesk call volume with self-service password management.

Score a win-win-win for users, IT teams and the business
Reduce user frustration, slash IT workload and costs, and keep vital business processes humming by empowering users to securely reset or change their passwords and unlock their accounts from any web browser, desktop or mobile device — without ever having to contact the helpdesk.
Protect the self-service process
For additional security, take advantage of custom enrollment questions and flexible verification options for password reset and account unlock requests, including multifactor authentication (MFA) and an automated manager approval workflow.
Empower users to help with threat detection
Notify users about all successful and failed attempts to reset or change their passwords or unlock their accounts so they can spot account takeover attempts. You can even configure the message content to remind them of what to do when they think something is amiss.
Monitor solution adoption and investigate suspicious activity
Review a detailed audit trail of system enrollments, password resets, password changes and account unlocks — both successful and failed. Customizable filters and reports speed analysis and investigations.
Protect new user accounts from the moment of creation
Automatically assign each new user account a secure password that complies with the complexity, length and other requirements of your password policy.
Netwrix Password Security Solution
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