File Integrity Monitoring for Azure Deployments Stops Configuration Drift for Better Security

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Cloud computing delivers great flexibility but introduces the critical challenge of securing your data in the cloud. How can you be sure that a service run on machines outside of your physical control is unaltered from approved deployment baselines?

Netwrix Change Tracker uses file integrity monitoring to detect every change to your Microsoft Azure cloud systems and alerts you instantly of any unauthorized change so you can respond to security incidents quickly. By maintaining the integrity of your Azure solutions and managing the sensitive data they control, you can dramatically improve security.

Use Certified Baselines to Ensure the Security of Your Systems

Netwrix Change Tracker includes hundreds of CIS and DISA STIG certified build templates covering a wide range of industry regulations, which can be customized to your needs. These templates create a hardened baseline for your Azure security, removing the guesswork from deploying securely and giving you recommendations for minimizing your attack surface in the cloud.

Monitor All System Changes for Unauthorized Changes

Constant, intelligent file integrity monitoring allows you to learn what changes are made to your Azure systems. Some changes to system files are appropriate, such as those related to the rollout of patches and updates. But malware can also infiltrate system files, lying in wait until activated by the hacker who controls it. These “Trojan” attacks are hard to spot without forensics tools. Netwrix Change Tracker includes a cloud database of over 10 billion file reputation fingerprints — supplied by original software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe and kept always up to date — that it references, to ensure the integrity of every file in your Azure deployment, minimizing the risk of undetected Trojan attacks.


Gain Confidence in System Integrity with Constant Monitoring and Alerting on Any Unauthorized Change

Netwrix Change Tracker monitors your system files for changes every second of every day. All changes are logged but only unauthorized or suspicious changes are brought to your attention. This reduction in change noise works through integration with your ITSM systems: Your plans for new rollouts, updates or patches are communicated to Netwrix Change Tracker, so the corresponding changes are not flagged when they go live. As a result, you are not overwhelmed by a flood of notifications about legitimate changes —  instead, you can immediately focus on activity that truly needs investigation.

Netwrix Change Tracker helps take the guesswork out of deploying and maintaining secure Azure systems by constantly monitoring your live Azure environment for any unauthorized changes to system files. Here are some other benefits of this powerful application:

  • Get a single security center for monitoring the integrity of all of your infrastructure, from the cloud to the data center, including database platforms, desktops, network devices and industrial control systems.
  • Skip the hard work and ease the burden of passing audits with certified templates and automation for compliance reporting.
  • Look back in time to find where and when a breach started, and exactly which systems and files are affected.
  • Gain complete visibility into your security