Professional Services

The Netwrix Professional Services team offers a full range of services, from onboarding and jumpstart programs to complete end-to-end architecture and design packages, delivered by experts with extensive experience at a reasonable cost. Whatever challenges or unique requirements you might have, our team will be happy to assist you.

Onboarding Program

Netwrix offers a time-tested onboarding process tailored for small and lightweight implementation scenarios. Our team is dedicated to your success and will support you throughout the process. Here's what you can expect:
Effective online courses:
These resources help you become proficient with your Netwrix solutions at your own pace, as well as onboard your team members.
Smooth deployment:
A Netwrix engineer will guide you through implementation and configuration of your solutions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
A solid foundation:
The Netwrix onboarding process builds a strong foundation for your journey, enabling you to use your solutions confidently and achieve the most value.

Implementation Services

Quickly get up and running with the core functionality of your Netwrix products. Each JumpStart is tailored to ensure that the products are properly configured for your specific needs and establish a solid base for solution expansion. Your Jumpstart will include:
  • Assessing your goals and priorities and devising a plan for implementing Netwrix solutions to align with them.
  • Installing and configuring the out-of-the-box features of the Netwrix products included in the scope of the engagement.
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer throughout the process to ensure you learn how to set up, configure and maintain the products.
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Custom Implementation Projects
Have advanced use cases, special configuration requirements or other concerns? No problem — the Netwrix team will collaborate closely with you to develop a custom implementation project and expertly deliver on your needs. Key benefits include:
  • Detailed statement of work (SOW) that addresses your specific challenges.
  • Dedicated project manager assigned to oversee the implementation process.
  • Tailored approach that ensures alignment with your unique business goals.
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Additional Services

Health Check
Comprehensive Health Check service will ensure the ongoing smooth operation of your Netwrix solutions. This post-implementation assessment helps ensure that your Netwrix products are configured correctly and operating optimally so your team can fully leverage their capabilities. Here’s what you can expect:
  • An assessment of how well the solution is working in alignment with your technology and business requirements.
  • An evaluation of where your Netwrix products can be extended to secure your environment even more effectively.
  • Identification of the challenges in your environment and expert recommendations for appropriate technology solutions.
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Taxonomy Customization
If you have specific requirements for data discovery scenarios in Netwrix Data Classification, such as unique intellectual property or other datasets, we are ready to help. Our experts will create high-precision rules or entire taxonomies to ensure all valuable data in your organization is properly identified and classified, no matter how unusual it is. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Meetings with your team to establish a deep understanding of the data you want classified.
  • Development of taxonomies tailored to your specific needs that will accurately identify and tag the targeted sets of data.
  • Tuning of data classification rules to minimize the number of false-positive and false-negative results.
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Premier Client Services Program
This comprehensive program ensures effective implementation and utilization of Netwrix solutions. Experts collaborate with your team, enhancing skills for optimal product utilization:
  • Technical expertise — A dedicated Netwrix engineer will provide up to 18 hours per week to cater to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Hands-on training — By supporting your deployment on a day-to-day basis, the program enables you to develop internal experts who can effectively manage your Netwrix solutions.
  • Seamless coordination — A Netwrix project manager will oversee the entire process to ensure accurate prioritization of your needs and timely delivery of project goals.
  • Maximum Value — Opt for a collaborative or managed build to match your staffing and performance needs. Our expert team guarantees maximum benefit, regardless of your chosen option.
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Netwrix products can seamlessly connect with your other systems to foster a more secure and cohesive ecosystem. Netwrix integration services can help you:
  • Facilitate the exchange of data — The integration team will install add-ons to incorporate new data sources, enhance SIEM output data, and more.
  • Configure automated response actions — Our team can assist you in creating custom commands, scripts or executables that trigger specific actions when certain events occur.
  • Streamline workflows — We can build integrations that simplify and speed processes. For instance, integrating Netwrix solutions with your ITSM tool to facilitate incident support.
  • Enhance security — We can use connectors to integrate your Netwrix solutions with Microsoft Purview, EDR and other security tools to improve threat prevention, detection and response.
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