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Flagler Bank Mitigates IT Risks and Secures Sensitive Data

10 minutes
To investigate an issue
30 minutes
To set up the product and start getting value

Netwrix Auditor is plug & play, so there’s minimum setup and maximum value. The information I receive from the platform is exhaustive, yet not overwhelming or noisy. It is important for me that Netwrix is easy to work with — a successful solution is not only about the software, it’s also about the people behind it, such as technical support and account managers.

William Cintron, Vice President – Information Technology Officer,

Flagler Bank 

  • Because the bank did not have enough insights into its IT risk profile, proprietary and customer data was at unnecessary risk.
  • The IT department was just one person, so he did not have the resources to manually monitor activity enterprise-wide. Therefore, critical events that could lead to security incidents or downtime might be overlooked.
  • Investigating common user issues was taking so much time that more strategic technology projects were being neglected.

I like being proactive towards security. Thanks to Netwrix Auditor, I can identify and mitigate our IT security risks, and I know exactly what is going on across the network so I can quickly identify a potential problem before it leads to an incident.

William Cintron, Vice President – Information Technology Officer, Flagler Bank 

Netwrix Solution

William Cintron, IT Officer for Flagler Bank, chose Netwrix Auditor for its granular reporting and alerting capabilities. He also valued that the software was easy to set up and use.

  • Actionable insight into IT risks. The IT Risk Assessment dashboard provides William with clear information about the bank’s top IT risks, such as empty security groups, files whose names indicate that they contain sensitive data, accounts with passwords that never expire, and accounts that can access the network without authentication. For example, the dashboard identifies all user accounts that were inactive but not disabled; by removing them, William dramatically reduced the bank’s risk of account compromise.
  • Flexible alerts for faster threat detection. William likes the flexibility of Netwrix alerts: He can use the rich set of predefined alerts, and also create custom alerts for events he deems critical. Now, whenever a privileged user makes changes in Active Directory, someone deletes a message from another employee’s mailbox, or an Exchange object is added or deleted, the software notifies him proactively so he can take action before the suspicious activity leads to an incident.
  • Quick and easy investigations. Netwrix Auditor also eases the burden of investigating daily user issues, such as an employee not being able to find a file they need because someone else moved it. With the software, William quickly gets the who-what-when-where details he needs to understand what happened, restore the file and, if necessary, provide training to the employee who moved it. He can complete the investigation in 10 minutes or less, while manually searching through all the event logs would take hours.
Key Benefits
  • Enabled identification and mitigation of IT risks
  • Tightened the security of corporate and customer data
  • Made troubleshooting much faster and easier
Customer Profile

Flagler Bank is a locally owned community bank headquartered in Palm Beach County, FL, U.S. The company has three full-service branch offices and provides a full range of banking services, including personal banking, business banking, commercial loans and residential mortgages. 

Customer: Flagler Bank

Industry: Financial Services

Website: flaglerbankusa.com