Henry County Hospital

Henry County Hospital Proves HIPAA Compliance and Saves up to $40,000 Annually

100,000 sq. foot
Compliance every 12 months
Saved annually on daily audits

There are so many external and internal threats that you have to be proactive or you are just setting yourself up to be compromised. Netwrix Auditor helped us to monitor everything from privileged user activity across file shares to Active Directory and Group Policy changes that are so hard to track. Basically, the product does everything for you and cuts off almost 100% of your time from an auditing perspective.

Geoffrey Robinson, Server/Storage Administrator, Henry County Hospital

  • Gain visibility into privileged user activity and user permissions changes to prevent and mitigate insider threats.
  • Ensure the security of protected health information (PHI).
  • Verify HIPAA compliance through assessments with less effort and expense.

To do auditing as thoroughly as we are doing it with Netwrix Auditor, we would probably have to hire another full-time employee just to do audits, because there’s so much data that we need to keep track of every day.

Geoffrey Robinson, Server/Storage Administrator, 

Henry County Hospital

Netwrix Solution

Geoffrey explained that the hospital chose Netwrix Auditor because it provides visibility into all core systems (Active Directory, Group Policy and Windows file servers), and also enables video recording of the sessions of privileged users and remote vendors as an additional security layer. 


  • Increased accountability of privileged users. Daily reports on user activity, alerts on the issues and the video recording feature enable the hospital to increase user accountability and mitigate the risk of insider threats. In addition, with this information at hand, Geoffrey can address auditors’ questions in a timely manner.
  • Complete control over file access permissions. Netwrix Auditor enabled Geoffrey to detect excessive user permissions and rebuild the file server permissions from the ground up. Now he can be sure that sensitive data is accessed only by personnel who need it to perform their roles, reducing the risk of accidental or deliberate misuse that could entail security issues and noncompliance.
  • Time and cost savings on audit preparations. The complete infrastructure visibility and out-of-the-box HIPAA compliance reports simplify internal processes for preparing for an audit, saving the hospital at least $40,000 per year. Otherwise, the hospital would have to hire a full-time employee just to do audits.
Key Benefits
  • Mitigated the risk of insider threats
  • Ensured PHI security
  • Streamlined HIPAA compliance
Customer Profile

Henry County Hospital in Napoleon, Ohio, US, is a charitable, not-for-profit community hospital that offers a wide range of primary, acute and rehabilitative services to the residents of Henry County and surrounding areas. The hospital provides quality healthcare and wellness services while emphasizing patient-centered care and excellent customer service. 

Customer: Henry County Hospital

Industry: Healthcare

Website: www.henrycountyhospital.org