New Netwrix Auditor 8.5 Offers 360-degree Visibility for Hybrid Cloud Security

Upgraded Netwrix Auditor expands support for customers moving to the cloud and enables detection and investigation of abnormal user behavior

Irvine, CA, October 11, 2016

Netwrix Corporation, the first vendor to introduce a visibility and governance platform for hybrid cloud security, announced today the release of Netwrix Auditor 8.5, which offers 360-degree visibility into user activity across hybrid cloud IT infrastructures for threat detection and data access governance.

Netwrix Auditor is the only visibility and governance platform for hybrid cloud IT infrastructures. Empowered with a RESTful API and user activity video recording, the platform delivers visibility and control across all of your on-premises and cloud-based IT systems in a unified way so you can detect anomalies in user behavior and investigate threat patterns before a data breach occurs.

New applications and features available in Netwrix Auditor 8.5 include:

  • Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD - This new application fills the gap between on-premises and cloud security by delivering actionable intelligence about changes to security settings, privilege escalation and access attempts to Azure-powered infrastructures. This enables easy detection and investigation of suspicious activities in the cloud.
  • Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 - This application has been upgraded to provide security intelligence about user behavior in SharePoint Online. This helps you identify inappropriate data access and promptly take steps to prevent data leaks.
  • Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database - This new application provides visibility into user and DBA activity, which enables quick detection and investigation of anomalous activity and remediation of threats to structured data.
  • Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server - This application has been enhanced to strengthen control over highly privileged users and enable detection of any unauthorized access to SQL databases. The new capabilities ensure even better protection against data exfiltration.
  • User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis - This new capability enables easy detection of anomalies in user behavior that would otherwise go unnoticed, such as abnormal access to sensitive or stale data, unusual spikes in failed activity, activity outside of business hours, activity around harmful files on a corporate data storage and files containing sensitive data, and more.
  • New add-ons in the Netwrix Auditor Add-on Store - Add-ons enable you to maximize the value of your existing security applications by feeding them granular audit data from Netwrix Auditor. New add-ons enable easy integration with the leading SIEMs, including Splunk, IBM Security QRadar, AlienVault USM, Solarwinds Log & Event Manager, Intel Security and LogRhythm.

"Advanced targeted attacks make prevention-centric strategies obsolete. Securing enterprises in 2020 will require a shift to information- and people-centric security strategies, combined with pervasive internal monitoring and sharing of security intelligence," stated Gartner’s report “Prevention Is Futile in 2020: Protect Information Via Pervasive Monitoring and Collective Intelligence,” 27 January 2016.

"As cloud technology is taking over the market, most organizations gravitate towards a hybrid cloud model. Our customers are part of this trend, so in this product release, we have significantly improved Netwrix Auditor to provide 360-degree visibility into hybrid cloud IT environments. User behavior analysis enables companies to eliminate blind spots and ensure granular control over user activities from a single console. With cross-system analysis, companies have the actionable insight they need to secure data in the cloud, protect structured data against exfiltration, and detect insider threats and external attacks in progress," commented Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix.

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Netwrix Corporation was the first vendor to introduce a visibility and governance platform for hybrid cloud security. More than 150,000 IT departments worldwide rely on Netwrix to detect insider threats on premises and in the cloud, pass compliance audits with less expense, and increase the productivity of IT security and operations teams. Founded in 2006, Netwrix has earned more than 90 industry awards and been named to both the Inc. 5000 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 lists of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. For more information, visit

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