Many regulatory standards include data breach reporting requirements, and some guarantee the right to be forgotten. See how Netwrix Auditor’s data discovery and classification functionality can help you determine which data was compromised during a breach, as well as find all PII related to a data subject to comply with a deletion request.
To properly protect your sensitive unstructured data, you need to know who can access it — and who should have access to it. Learn how the Data Discovery and Classification reports help you identify data owners and work with them to regularly review and right-size permissions to your critical data.
Excessive access permissions put your sensitive data at unnecessary risk. See how you can identify which of your sensitive data assets are overexposed, either because a suspiciously high number of users can access them, users with no need to see them have access rights, or users with legitimate access requirements have more permissions than they need.
To secure your sensitive corporate information from unauthorized access, leakage and destruction, you need to first locate and categorize that sensitive data. See how Netwrix Auditor’s data discovery and classification reports can help you quickly determine how much sensitive data of different types you have and where it resides in your file storage systems.