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What data can I get?

Information on successful and failed logon activity

Tracking logons to your VMware environment is crucial for ensuring IT security and business uptime. Without the right tools, it is easy to miss suspicious logons to ESXi hosts and vCenter that could indicate an attack. Netwrix Auditor makes it easy to detect failed logon attempts to your virtual environment and review successful ones, so you can validate your access controls, ensure IT security and maintain uninterrupted business processes.

How can I use this data?

Detect suspicious user activity

Some threats are more elaborate and stretch over time, so standard reports and alerts cannot spot them. Netwrix Auditor provides a unified view of all alerts triggered by an individual across all audited systems, and shows a list of suspicious users ranked by their cumulative risk scores. This functionality improves detection of threat actors and helps ensure the security of your systems.

Get an overview of events with the VMware reporting software

To spot unusual spikes in user activity, you need an overview of all changes. It’s hard to grasp the bigger picture using native auditing tools. Netwrix Auditor’s consolidated dashboard helps you see at a glance which servers and objects were modified most, who made the most changes and when these changes happened.

What else do I get with Netwrix Auditor
for VMware?

Easy integration with your ecosystem

A RESTful API makes it easy to integrate Netwrix Auditor with a variety of applications. This integration gives you a unified view of what’s going on across multiple systems and access your complete audit trail within one product. Free, ready-to-use add-ons are available for many common applications, including SIEMs, Linux and Unix, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Automated incident response

Manually responding to basic incidents usually requires a lot of time. Netwrix Auditor can automatically run custom scripts when specific alerts are triggered, so you don’t have to handle them one by one. This feature helps you respond promptly to common issues while staying focused on more important tasks.

Cost-effective data storage

Storing the audit trail of your virtual environment is critical for both your own security investigations and compliance with certain regulations. Netwrix Auditor enables you to store your audit trail for more than 10 years in a cost-effective, two-tiered (file-based + SQL database) manner.

Granular access to the platform

It’s critical to have only the right people managing VMware reporting configuration and viewing reports. You can grant appropriate access rights for Netwrix Auditor to IT administrators and business teams based on the scope of their responsibilities, whether that’s an entire virtual infrastructure or a standalone ESXi host.

Netwrix Auditor for VMware

Find out how Netwrix Auditor for VMware will help you detect critical changes to your virtual infrastructure, optimize your environment and streamline compliance audits.

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Netwrix Auditor for VMware

Get the full list of features of Netwrix Auditor for VMware in a convenient format for comparing it with other security auditing tools.

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