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What Real-World Attacks Look Like — and How to Stop Them in Their Tracks

If a hacker was sneaking around your network right now, how would you know? In this webinar, join Netwrix and Dave Shackleford of SANS Institute and Voodoo Security, as they discuss some of the security gaps that attackers use to breach organizations, based on their firsthand experience with clients.

Security enthusiast and podcaster Brian Johnson will demonstrate how you can catch attackers red-handed before they manage to take control of your systems. Brian is passionate about making his presentations not only useful but also extremely amusing!

Save your seat to enjoy as these two experts reveal:

  • How attackers access a network using a foothold on a compromised machine
  • How hackers brute-force a local workstations admin account
  •  How threat actors exploit password spraying to get privileged access
  • How you can detect suspicious activity in its early stages to prevent a breach
1pm EDT
23 May, 1pm EDT
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How to Keep the Personal Data of Citizens Secure

Most of IT pros share a lofty goal: to protect all the data that their organization stores. But the truth is, that’s an impossible mission; there’s just too much data. Fortunately, it’s also unnecessary. What organizations really need to do is to find the data that really needs protection, such as the PII of citizens, and secure it properly.

Join our upcoming webinar as Jim Smith, VP of Sales at Netwrix, reveals the common security risks and compliance gaps he’s seen government entities encounter during his 30 years of experience. In addition, Candice Ross, CIO of Central AZ College, will share how Netwrix Auditor helps her department save time and money while achieving regulatory compliance and solidifying the organization’s security posture.

In this webinar, we'll cover how Netwrix Auditor enables you to:

  • Understand which data needs protection and how exposed it is
  • Review permissions and spot unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • Quickly detect and thwart improper insider activity
  • Minimize the risk of a data breach by automatically redacting sensitive data from documents
  • Demonstrate to auditors the effectiveness of your security policies
1pm EDT
30 May, 1pm EDT
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Deep Dive: How to Secure Your Cisco and Fortinet Devices from Attackers

Inability to promptly detect changes and suspicious logon attempts to your Cisco and Fortinet devices leaves your organization vulnerable to attackers. Netwrix Auditor reports and alerts on modifications to each of your network devices, with the before and after values, along with all successful and failed logon attempts.

Take part in a 30-minute session as our solutions engineer explains how to keep your network devices secure with Netwrix Auditor by:

  • Notifying you every time someone violates your security policy for network devices
  • Reporting on which specific settings were changed on your firewalls
  • Alerting you about which hosts and subnets are under attack
  • Providing reliable information about hardware malfunctions
12pm EDT
6 June, 12pm EDT
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We’ve Always Done It This Way – Using Metadata for Business Results

The development of processes and procedures can be laborious, requiring sometimes scarce expertise. It also impacts the success of digital workplace adoption.

Join us for this webinar that examines why metadata is often erroneous or unusable by other applications, so drains resources and prevents process improvements. Register to understand how to achieve highly accurate and reusable metadata, with auto-classification on the fly, to create an effective metadata infrastructure.

We look at processes through a different lens, with the creation of workflow rules to address both records management and data privacy.

11am EDT
11 June, 11am EDT
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