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Live Demo: Netwrix Auditor – Data Discovery & Classification Edition

Meet the brand-new Netwrix Auditor – Data Discovery and Classification Edition, which provides complete visibility into where sensitive files are, what content is inside them, who can access the files and who actually uses them.

Join us and see how you can:

  • Identify and classify the sensitive data you store
  • Spot any sensitive data that surfaces outside of a secure location
  • Prove the effectiveness of your data security controls to auditors
  • And more
2pm EDT
3 May, 2pm EDT
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Privilege Escalation: How Hackers Get Elevated Permissions

Often, to inflict damage on critical systems or steal the data they want, attackers need administrative-level access. Gaining those permissions is not a simple task, since most operating systems now have built-in protections against privilege escalation. But many attackers do succeed.

During this webcast, you will discover:

·         Top methods that attackers use to escalate their privileges

·         How to defend against these techniques

·         How you can quickly identify and investigate privilege escalation

2pm EDT
8 May, 2pm EDT
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many CPE credits can I earn for watching a webinar?
Certificants can claim 1 CPE credit per hour for live webinars or recorded webinars.
How do I add CPE credits to my IAPP account?
Access your IAPP account and navigate to the CPE Submission Form: Within 1 business day after you submit the form, the credits will appear in your account. If they do not, you can email for help.
Which Netwrix webinars participate
in the CPE program?
A webinar needs to cover privacy topics that appear on, or are relevant to, the bodies of knowledge located on this page.
Where can I ask CPE-related questions?
Certificants can submit CPE-related questions to