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Windows Server Security Masterclass

Best Practices You’ll Want to Implement Today

Whether you have an on-prem or hybrid IT environment, your Windows servers play a vital role in essential business operations, storing vast amounts of high-value data and supporting critical applications and websites. It’s no wonder that Windows Server is such an attractive target for attackers. In this Windows Server Security Masterclass, two experts offer proven best practices to reduce your stress and protect your organization. 

Proactively Clearing Attack Surfaces

Windows Server has long been the workhorse of IT environments, so cybersecurity professionals have well-established best practices around baseline hardening. However, there are additional steps that can be taken to eliminate commonly exploited attack vectors.

Watch this session to learn how to:

  • Leverage privilege orchestration to remove the known attack surface of standing privileged accounts
  • Dynamically delegate access according to use case
  • Quickly adopt privileged access management tools in order to centrally control and audit access

Webinar Presenter

Martin Cannard avatar
Martin Cannard
VP of Product Strategy

Martin is an experienced technologist, with over 30 years in the Privileged Access Management and security space.  Prior to Stealthbits, Martin led the privileged access team at BeyondTrust where he took their password management solution from unknown to a recognized leader in the industry within 3 years. At BeyondTrust he also drove the development of their first SaaS PAM product as well as a new micro service-based platform for DevOps security. Prior to BeyondTrust, Martin held key management positions at Quest/Dell, Novell, Fortefi and Symantec.  He is a recognized expert and a regular speaker for security events and webinars.

Harden Your Servers Efficiently

Whether you have an on-prem or hybrid IT environment, your Windows servers play a vital role in essential business operations. As a result, they are a key target of hackers. How can you make them as invulnerable to attack as possible?

Watch this session to learn how to quickly harden your Windows servers against cyberattacks — and keep them that way.

During the session, we will cover:

  • Why the default Windows Server configuration is convenient but not maximally secure
  • What benchmarks are available to help you establish strong configurations
  • How you can streamline the process of hardening your servers
  • How to easily maintain the secure configurations you’ve established
  • Why server hardening helps you pass compliance audits

Webinar Presenter

Dirk Schrader avatar
Dirk Schrader
VP of Security Research

Dirk Schrader, is Global VP of Security Research at New Net Technologies, now part of Netwrix. Being a native of Germany, he brings more than 25 years of delivering IT security expertise at a global scale. His work focusses on advancing cyber resilience as a sophisticated, new approach to tackle cyber-attacks faced by governments and organizations of all sizes for the handling of change and vulnerability as the two main issues to address in information security. Dirk has worked on cyber security projects around the globe, including more than 4 years in Dubai. With technical and support roles at the beginning of his career, his career path includes sales, marketing and product management positions at large multinational corporations, as well as small startups. He has published numerous articles in German and English about the need to address change and vulnerability to achieve cyber resilience, drawing on his experience and certifications as CISSP (ISC²) and CISM (ISACA). His recent work includes research in the area of medical devices where he found hundreds of systems unprotected in the public internet, allowing access to sensitive patient data.